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INtroduction to Music Production


Thinking of studying music production or music technology at college?

Our two day Music Production course is launching soon.  Covering everything you need to know to prepare you for your studies, it's the perfect refresher course or introduction to the world of DAW-based music making. Open to ages 15+.


What the Course covers...


Introduction to Logic Pro X & Pro Tools

  • What is a DAW and what can it do?
  • How to efficiently set up your Logic & Pro Tools sessions
  • Changing basic parameters such as as tempo and key
  • Sequencing and loops
  • Understanding MIDI and how to use it

Basics of Composition & Beat Making

  • An overview of Logic VSTs including ESX24, Drum Designer and Alchemy
  • Editing MIDI data including note length, velocity and pitch
  • Using a MIDI controller and writing in the piano roll
  • Basic keyboard skills and theory. How scales, inversions and chords can improve your compositions

Post Production

  • How to use compression, delay and reverb to add character and improve the sound of your compositions
  • The basics of mixing and EQ
  • The importance of signal flow 
  • Balancing levels, adding buses, parallel and side-chain compression