Frequently Asked Questions

We've set up this page to answer common questions. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Does my son/ daughter need to bring their own musical instrument?   

We'd recommend guitarists and bassists bring their own guitar if they have one, as well as a guitar strap, plectrums and a spare set of strings. We have guitars and bass guitars should they need to borrow one. Drummers should bring sticks. We have drum kits, pianos, keyboards and microphones so nobody needs to bring those!

  • Aside from instruments, what should my son/ daughter bring with them?

A pen and paper or notepad would be very useful. We strongly advise bringing ear plugs — drum kits and amplified instruments are VERY loud. They'll need to bring lunch or have money to buy lunch. There’s a fridge at the studio for storing food if they bring it with them and there are a number of shops on Norwich Road where they can buy food if they have permission to go to the shops.

  • Are your tutors DBS checked?

All tutors are DBS checked. We take child safeguarding very seriously!

  • Are there plans to run Rock Schools in other locations?

If there is demand and suitable facilites, we'd love too! Please complete this form to register your interest.

  • My son/ daughter is younger than 10 years old, can they still attend rock schools?

If they are comfortable around older children and have some musical experience then the answer is quite possibly "yes". This is decided on a case by case basis so please contact us prior to booking.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! A 20% discount is available for siblings. If you'd like to refer someone to the Rock Schools, you and the friend can get 10% off (as long as they haven't attended a Rock School before). Contact us for more information. From time to time we run other promotions, the best way to hear of these is by joinging our mailing list.